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Do you own a car? Do you have a mobile phone? Are you looking for extra money?
Earn up to
£250+ a Day as a
self employed courier
(Full time or Part time income)

By simply collecting and delivering "overspill" packages for
courier companies in your area.

You can be your own Boss, work on your own terms and decide how much
jobs you are willing to accept from companies.

Make more money in your new courier business while working less.

Earn a healthy income in the UK & abroad.

Imagine driving A to B listening to your favourite music or radio station.
Delivering packages has to be one of the easiest and enjoyable jobs with no
boss looking over your shoulder. It doesn’t sound like work does it?
You will be travelling the country to different places every day, through
some of the most scenic countryside,
Stress free, healthy and rewarding work that will provide
an excellent full time or part time income.

Here are some examples of the locations and length of your journeys.

London - Bristol

Edinburgh - Liverpool
Manchester - Oxford

Leeds - Milton Keynes

Birmingham - Plymouth
Cardiff - Ipswich

Sheffield - Watford

Glasgow - Newcastle upon Tyne

Q. How much money can I earn?

A. If you are looking for an extra £50, £100, £200 or more a day then the money is here.

Q. Do I have to pay Tax and National Insurance?

A. Yes. All the money that you make is paid directly to you, you will be responsible for your TAX.

Q. How many hours do I have to work?

A. That’s really down to you. It’s very flexible, you work as and when you want to.

Q. Once I have access to your step by step instructions can I start immediately?

A. Yes you get instant access and can start immediately.

Q. How am I paid?

A. This depends on the work/opportunity that you choose. The methods of payment are Pay Pal, Bank Transfers, and Cheques. You will be paid promptly.

Q. Will I be able to call you if I need help?

A. Of course you can. Tel: 01622 298130
Office hours are 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

The courier industry is booming with some couriers earning
over £260 per trip. Most self employed courier drivers
use their own car.
Using the 'insider' information that is available

in the manual you could easily earn this ammount maybe more.

Running your own
self employed courier business will enable you to
work either full time or part time enabling you to
choose the hours you want to work.

If you are reasonably intelligent, have a smart

appearance, own your own vehicle then all you will
need to start your own freelance courier business is
within this manual.

And I’m sure you could imagine what it would be like to never have to work under someone else again!
Just think:
NO more early morning starts … NO more commuting … NO more boss … NO more
office politics…

What we offer

Easy to start blueprint start while at current job
No storage space required
How to maximize earnings
List of over 1000 companies to contact

Little or no start up costs
All the relevant documentation
Easy to follow information
Up to date information
Company Website
Online resources
Low risk opportunity
Free advice via email

There is a Huge amount of courier work out there...
This manual will show you EXACTLY HOW and WHERE
you can get that work...

I spent months trying to go it alone before seeing sense and investing a few quid into getting some help.

The Cash4couriers guide was the difference between failure and success for me.

It’s that important I would argue it should be the second thing you purchase, right after the van!
Peter Bainly Oxford

I was looking to become a self employeed courier and i was a little nervous about going it alone
so i was looking for advice from anyone who

is in my position or been in my position. I dont like the current job iam doing as i
work terrible hours and i dont see a lot of my family

as my shift pattern takes in most weekends so the advice from Cash4courier's helped me suceed.

R M Thompson - Chester

Don't waste Thousands on Franchise Fees

Save Thousands by starting with next to no investment

How much does this opportunity cost?

The Courier Manual

Over 1000 contacts offering work
Freelance courier guide
Insider information
Legal documents
Free email advice

Save around £10'000 by starting your own courier company
rather than buying into a franchise
Check this out on google..most franchises cost around £10,000 to £29000

I will also show you how to save 60% on your fuel costs
Bargin Download price save time, money and trees

Special Members price £12.97

Click Here To Join us Today


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